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Gareth Barnes

Hello and welcome to my site. I am a fully qualified and registered counsellor based in Horwich, Lancashire.  I offer talking therapy to provide a space where you can work through common life problems like bereavement, anxiety, depression or sometimes a feeling of being stuck and not knowing what to do next.

I can see you online, via telephone or at my counselling rooms at a Silverwell Street, Bolton, BL1 1QN


Practice Areas



We can all feel overwhelmed at times, but when this feels like its taking over your life it can be good to discover where these feelings come from.



Relationship difficulties are very difficult to deal as it is so intimate and private.  A therapist can help as we are completely separate from the people involved and whatever you say is completely confidential. 


Depression can often creep up on us, unnoticed.  It can lead to feelings of hopelessness, lack of interest in the things we used to enjoy and feeling tired and fatigued.



Bereavement can have a huge impact on our lives.  There is no right way to grief, it has no set timescale, and doesn't follow a set pattern.  All grief is unique and affects people in different ways



Work place stress can be really debilitating for people, causing distress, depression and anxiety. Talking through how you see yourself and others at work may lead to an improvement at work and mean you can move forward to your goals.

Practice Areas
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